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We are the ideal, secure and trustworthy rigging company to give you the Electromechanic and Industrial Installation Services in Monterrey. Let us relocate what your company needs. If you have any question or if you need any additional information related with our range of relocation of industrial installation services, remember we are heavy equipment movers, and we will gladly advise you so that you can clear out all your doubts.

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Just tell us where you want it, we move it, we relocate it and leave it functioning at its 100%. For your relocation, locate yourself with SEMII.

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Refurbished Mechanical Press

turnkey project

We provide logistic services for a full turnkey project: We download and mount presses, ovens, robots and all kind of equipment; also electricity networks and control. We offer technical consultancy, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services, in the whole process.

Mechanical Installations

Rigging Mexico: Mechanical Installations

Our service of industrial mechanical installations includes the assembly and recoating of pipes of any kind and material, the fabrication and installation of metallic structures, the set up for the systems for the treatment of liquids, among others.

Electrical Installation in Mexico

Rigging Mexico: Electrical Installations

In our service of electrical installation we take charge of the assembly of all the power circuits, illumination and systems that the installation requires, either if it is a remodeling or a new construction.

Reparation Of Industrial Equipment

Rigging Mexico: Reparation Of Industrial Equipment

We offer the service of reparation of industrial equipment to extend the useful life of all mechanisms in your company, avoiding with this unnecessary expenses and guaranteering the good functioning of the repaired machines. In SEMII, we help you so that your productive processes don’t stop because of unwanted mechanical flaws.

Refurbished Industrial Equipment in Mexico

Refurbished Industrial Equipment

If any of the industrial equipment of your company is malfunctioning, you don’t need to buy a new one; we can help you avoid unnecessary costs, just as new entrepreneurs can buy refurbished industrial equipment to grow their business without a big investment.


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