Refurbished Mechanical Press en Mexico

¿Are you looking for refurbished presses?

¿Are you looking for refurbished presses?in Mexico

In Semii we have a great inventory of high quality refurbished presses. Many of them have been professionally restored and repaired by a highly qualified personnel.

A refurbished press is an economic alternative to make a business grow or to begin a business without putting your investment at risk.

Our refurbished presses (mechanic or hydraulic) are guaranteed and are ready for production.

Refurbished Mechanical Presses

Investing in a mechanical press is one of the most efficient ways in which a manufacturing company can improve its production. In SEMII we strive to find the best refurbished mechanical press to satisfy your needs and budget.

Refurbished Hydraulic Presses

A good quality refurbished hydraulic press might be hard to find. It is important to undesrtand the relationship between the tonnage, stroke,the bed area and additional characteristics of a refurbished hydraulic press.

Some companies use refurbished hydraulic presses for the compression molding, some tasks require an upstroke press, and some refurbished hydraulic presses are ideal as transfer presses or lab presses.

Other Types of Refurbished Presses

Most of the refurbished presses fall into one category, either a refurbished mechanical press or a refurbished hydraulic press.

Nevertheless, there are other types of presses that we have in our inventory and that do not fall into these categories. We have a huge selection of refurbished folding presses, refurbished clippers, refurbished air presses, refurbished cut presses, etc.

If you need a refurbished press, you’ll have to consider the following information:

  • Type (Mechanical, Hydraulic, OBI, High velocity, C-Frame, etc)
  • Capacity
  • Bed Area
  • Stroke
  • Shutheight
  • SPM / GPM
  • Adjustment
  • Special characteristics that it may require.


Rigging Services in Mexico - Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Installations in Mexico

Rigging Mexico - Assembly Of Industrial Equipment


We carry out the assemblage of industrial equipments, taking into account the complexity of the process, the additions or adjustments to the existing things, the delivery time, the estimated budget and the current norms related with this activity.

Electrical Installations in Mexico


In our service of electrical installation we take charge of the assembly of all the power circuits, illumination and systems that the installation requires, either if it is a remodeling or a new construction.

Mechanical Installations in Mexico


Our service of industrial mechanical installations includes the assembly and recoating of pipes of any kind and material, the fabrication and installation of metallic structures, the set up for the systems for the treatment of liquids, among others.

Reparation of Industrial Equipment


We offer the service of reparation of industrial equipment to extend the useful life of all mechanisms in your company, avoiding with this unnecessary expenses and guaranteering the good functioning of the repaired machines. In SEMII, we help you so that your productive processes don’t stop because of unwanted mechanical flaws.


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